Beautification Mural
Mural, 2019
Aspern Seestadt is one of Europe’s largest urban development projects located in Vienna’s fast-growing 22nd district northeast of the city. 

For the development’s Beatification project, we were invited to design a mural spanning the 400m² wall along the Asperner Seepark. Our goal was to turn a gray wall into a work that can be enjoyed on different levels. We wanted to create something with a connection to water both physically and metaphorically, so we used a combination of visuals & writing. You can perceive the mural through color and shape, or you can walk the entire length and read about humanity’s relationship with water.

Sagmeister & Walsh
Creative Direction

Stefan Sagmeister, Jessica Walsh
Jessica Walsh
Stephanie Halovanic, Erica Grubman
Heejae Kim, Soomin Jung

3D & Animation
Sanchit Sawaria, Lucas Luz, Soomin Jung

Mural Painting
Burggasse 98

New York, NY.