Meta Open Arts, Powers
Identity, 2022
In collaboration with Meta Open Arts, I created an identity for Meta’s internal offices for Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month. I was inspired by the modular and maximal nature of Banchan (Korean side dishes) that I grew up with. Food is consumed ritualistically and for many of us, it instills familial comfort in a shared meal. Banchan consists of various amounts and flavors. The dishes inspired the creation of 35 diverse shapes that can transform, occupy spaces and freely create new compositions. Inspiration was further taken from the power of our individual voices and our part in the collective whole. Prints were distributed and murals were installed internationally.


Design and Motion Direction
Heejae Kim

Meta Open Arts Team
Creative Direction
Jae-Eun Chung
Art Direction and Design
Luiza Dale and Brette Richmond

New York, NY.