Vans, We Will Be Louder

Campaign Identity, 2021
To celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month; Vans partnered with Get Lit to uplift the voices of four young Asian American poets. Jelina Hendrickson, Afrah Alam, Della Dragon and Gordon Ip. Inspired by their voices, a visual direction for the campaign was created and drawn from the phrase, “We Will Be Louder,” by taking up space visually in an energetic and maximal way.


Creative Direction
Bruno Luglio
Content Design Direction
Heejae Kim
Director of Photography and Video
Ryan E Young
Creative Director of Global Content
Jared Abe

Social Responsibility Marketing and Partnership Coordinator

Jordan Schweitzer
Project Manager
Chase Weikal
VP of Marketing
Carly Gomez
Global Executive Creative Director
Top Teague
Interactive Content Designer at Vans
Charmaine Regina Asril Lee
Director of Global Content Production
Nate Rogers

New York, NY.